RioSH Tech Open Sourced the Complete Home Automation Solution

Home Automation/ Domotics defined to be automating home utilizing information technology to monitor and controlling home attributes of lighting, climate, smart systems and electrical appliances connecting the world over cloud. Smart Home being a complex technology but due to the requirements and advancements in applications has the highest potential and has been on constant developing chart.

This Paper with detailing on the environment monitors and control systems which is a branch of smart home is addressed. The System is based on the embedded system technique and has been a smart replacement for the security of the home.

Advantages of Embedded System Technique: –

  • The System is Economically Viable.
  • Provides Full-Scale Home monitor and control functions.
  • Easy, Safe and Convenient Installation with safe environment.

The Limitation of system is turning the electrical appliances on/off and the lack of Wireless functions. Even the limitation is addressed with smart electrical appliances making rapid progress.
RioSH Technologies being a partner in the challenges, address the issue with “Open Sourcing” the most of home automation solutions marking the progress in dynamic approach. The solution offers employing individual modules or the complete setup.
For instance: – The Bluetooth or Wi-Fi control system which is a stand-alone system operation can be controlled directly from the mobile. The same board can be controlled globally with internet to Bluetooth gateway. The simplistic gateway solution files shared.
RioSH open-sourced solutions: –

1. Wi-Fi controller module

2. Bluetooth controller module

3. Touch panel

4. Bluetooth to Wi-Fi or Ethernet Gateway