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Component Sourcing

RioshTech embraces a futuristic approach to component sourcing for Electronic products / PCBs and is well reputed for using custom sourcing procedures to suit individual project requirements. 

By maintaining flexibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness in all projects, RioSH has established benchmarks with respect to offering a significant competitive advantage to clients for global PCB / Electronic product manufacturing as well as component sourcing processes.

Why RioshTech

Component sourcing is an integral service offered by RioshTech; a service that clients have widely appreciated at a global scale. At RioshTech, clients are assured to benefit from…

  • 100% Authentic and Responsibly sourced components – Rioshtech ensures procurement only from well known licensed suppliers and distributors in the market. Clients can therefore, be rest assured that they will receive nothing short of high performance and durable components for their PCBs / electronic products. 
  • Freedom from lengthy procurement procedures – The procurement process with Rioshtech is never lengthy. Existing tie-ups with a pool of responsible and reputed suppliers locally and globally allow the company to help clients expedite creating and launching the end product successfully in the market.  
  • End to end customer service – Rioshtech has been widely applauded for keeping clients updated about each and every stage of component sourcing and promptly answering queries as and when they arise. The process of reaching Rioshtech is straightforward and effortless. A mail or a scheduled call is all it takes to have experienced personal reach back with functional solutions. One to one service offered by Rioshtech has further won infallible trust from clients over the years. 
  • Swift Quotations – Quotations are important in component sourcing. Rioshtech is very well known in this respect for offering quick and precise quotations that help clients visualize their product expectation, functionality and cost very accurately. Being flexible, Rioshtech is also open to realigning procurement options to suit the existing budget constraints of clients.
  • Complete traceability of the component sourcing process – All components procured by Rioshtech are traceable to their very origin. Each and every part of our component sourcing solutions is assuredly tested and certified for performance and quality before integrating them with the electronic product / PCB or handing them over directly to the clients. The entire procurement / component sourcing process is 100% transparent, and clients can request information about the same any time they consider it necessary.
  • Personalized component sourcing services – Personalization is the key to maintaining product individuality and is thus upheld for component sourcing services by Rioshtech at all times. Everything from suppliers and distributors to staying within the mentioned budget, we consider all your individual requirements before chalking out the best-customized component sourcing solutions for your product. 
  • Secure Supply Chain – Rioshtech currently boasts one of the best ERP systems that tracks and integrates real-time delivery information on a single simplified interface. The evolved ERP system of Rioshtech allows clients a diverse range of options in terms of receiving their consignment. Be it at the company address or at any mentioned delivery location, Rioshtech assures hassle-free and damage-free delivery throughout the year.  
  • Cost advantages – With over half a decade of experience in the field of electronic device / PCB designing and component sourcing, Rioshtech has established long term business connections with top suppliers and manufacturers locally and internationally. The company also houses a significant stock of common parts, ensuring that non-availability never arises as an issue. This further allows Rioshtech to offer substantial cost cuts to clients allowing their products to gain better profit margins.

Industries Catered by RioshTech

Rioshtech currently serves hundreds of clients in an array of essential industries, including

  • Defence and homeland security
  • Aerospace and satellites
  • Automobile sectors
  • Home automation
  • Health care
  • Defence
  • Telecommunications
  • Home electronics
  • Security Gadgets and accessories and more.

Being equipped with futuristic technological support and skills, Rioshtech further endeavours to enhance its industry scope in the forthcoming years. 

How It Works

The process of component sourcing with Rioshtech is simple and transparent. Clients need to provide a complete BOM (bill of material) list to start with, followed by additional information about product attributes. This is often enough for an accurate quotation. Rioshtech also offers assistance to first-timers to make the component sourcing as well as product designing process easy, understandable and budget-friendly.  

Are you ready to get started with the best component sourcing services? Get in touch with us at sales@rioshtech.com

Electronic Product Design • PCB Design • Embedded Systems • IoT Company • Prototyping • PCB Manufacturing and Assembly • Open Source Hardware & Firmware Customisation • Web Applications • Android & iOS Applications