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Turnkey PCB Assembly​

Printed Circuit Boards, better known as PCBs, are the life of your Electronic device. Commonly recognized as little green boards dotted with bits and pieces of copper and finely etched lines, the PCB is actually home to almost all integral electronic components that are essential for the devices to function as intended.

If you wish to launch an Electronic device that meets global performance standards while withstanding the tides of market competitiveness, designing and assembling the perfect PCB with evolved end-to-end services from Rioshtech should be your very first step.

Types of Turnkey PCB Assembly Services Available

Turnkey PCB can either full turnkey or partial turnkey. Also, both are quite similar and offer you a wide range of benefits.

  • Full turnkey PCB assembly: This involves all the services that are in the PCB assembly process such as material and component sourcing, shipping and logistics, quality control, and final shipment.
  • Partial turnkey PCB assembly: This lets customers to handle part of the process. For example, a client can provide turnkey PCB design and consignment of some components.

RioSH provide PCB assembly services all over the world.

How PCB Assembly Services From Rioshtech Can Benefit Your Electrical Device

Rioshtech uses innovative world-class PCB design and assembly solutions to give your project the boost it needs. Some of the core advantages of well-designed PCBs at Rioshtech include.

  • Seamless miniaturization of your electrical devices, be it wearable devices, telecommunication devices, health care devices or others.
  • Significantly reduced electrical noise and interference that is often generated by conventionally designed options.
  • Eradication of short-circuit possibilities given that PCBs are generally free of manual wiring and are designed faultlessly at Rioshtech with sturdy electrical pathways.
  • Bulk production is very easy and economical, given that PCB designs are easily repeatable. PCB production also needs to follow strict manufacturing protocols at Rioshtech for uncompromised quality maintenance, which enhances their reliability enormously.

A Glimpse Into PCB Assembly Process at Rioshtech

Assembling a PCB basically refers to mounting and integrating essential components on the board in order to make it fully functional. At the moment, there are 3 types of assembly processes that are used depending upon nature, components and expected functioning of the PCBs…


Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Process – In this process, the PCB components are directly mounted on the surface of the board. The process broadly involves…

  • Application of solder paste printing with stencils or templates for maximum accuracy.
  • Mounting the components on the solder paste printed areas with the assistance of automatic pick and place machines.
  • Reflow soldering process where the PCB is passed through controlled heating in order to melt the solder paste optimally to hold the component permanently in place.

The SMT process is perfect to apply where very small and sensitive components like resistors or diodes are involved. 


Through-Hole Technology (THT) Process – Predecessor to the SMT process, THT is applicable to PCBs that have components with leads or wires. Here the components are fixed by plugging them through holes punched on the board. The process broadly involves…

  • The manual placing of components on the board by referring to instructions / PCB files given by the clients
  • Inspection carried out manually and by automatic optical inspection systems followed by corrections if errors are detected 
  • Wave soldering, where the soldering paste and components are fixed by passing them through optimal heating

Mixed Technology – This is applicable to extremely complex PCBs that are loaded with an array of evolved functions to support futuristic high-performance devices. In this process, both SMT and THT are used in different combinations depending upon the nature and types of components that need to be mounted on the PCB.


At the moment, RioSH Tech offers services for Single Side Mixed Assembly, One Side SMT Other Side TMT, Double Side Mixed assembly and more that are customizable depending upon the PCB project. 

Why Rioshtech Is Perfect For Your PCB Assembly Project

  • Rioshtech uses PCB assembly tools and skills beyond par that are in accordance with global standards. This makes all client products globally relevant.


  • PCB Assembly at Rioshtech is widely known for assured faultlessness. Usage of impeccable assembly processes followed by the application of automatic optical inspection systems makes PCB assemblies at Rioshtech indomitable.


  • Skilled, qualified and experienced professionals at RioSH understand client requirements quickly and perfectly. This helps in hassle-free commencement and speedy completion of the project.

  • Freedom from errors, judicious component sourcing and quick project completion allows Rioshtech to extend tangible cost saving to all clients.


  • PCB Assembly services in Bangalore from Rioshtech are applicable across numerous industries, be it automotive, aviation, home appliances, wearable devices, defence, telecommunication or others

  • Rioshtech signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement with all clients, which assures 100% safety to their design and manufacturing information. This makes Rioshtech’s PCB Assembly services stand out among competing providers in India. 

Rioshtech PCB Assembly

Type of AssemblySMT (Surface-Mount Technology) DIP (Dual In-Line Package
Assembly Production CapacitySMT (5 SMT lines with 10 million chips daily) DIP (3 production lines, 1.2 million pieces daily) Enclosure (3 production lines with 15 assembly staff, 2 QA engineers)
Minimum spacing0.10mm
Number of LayersUp to 12
Solder MaskLiquid Photo-imageable (LPI)
Solder Mask ColorBlack, White, Blue, Yellow, Red
Min. mechanical drilling hole diameter0.15mm
Surface treatment methodENIG, tin, HAF, HAF LF, OSP
MaterialAluminum, FR-1, FR-2, High TG, FR4 halogen, FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3

Electronic Product Design • PCB Design • Embedded Systems • IoT Company • Prototyping • PCB Manufacturing and Assembly • Open Source Hardware & Firmware Customisation • Web Applications • Android & iOS Applications

Placing a Turnkey PCB Assembly Order

For this purpose, all you need to do is to send us your PCB assembly Bill of Materials (BOM) list. This can be in a document or a spreadsheet format containing the PCB specification selection also. Then, you include details such as the number of layers, quantity, and all dimensions necessary. In addition, you also need to include a CAD-generated Gerber or Centroid file for the top/bottom copper, Silkscreen and other details.
Furthermore, data files and placement configurations cannot be updated after submission. Next, we will also send a formal quote for your order approval before production begins. Also, if there’s a problem, we will contact you so that you can fix it. At the same time, we provide you with an estimate of how long it will take
Hence, a summary of the process for a turnkey PCB assembly order is as follows:

  • Order placement
  • Component procurement
  • PCB Design
  • Assembly
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Prototyping
  • Shipping
  • Aftersales services and support

Trust RioSH Technologies for your Turnkey PCB Assembly

In conclusion, RioSH Technologies offers you all the advantages of turnkey PCB, and also fast turnaround times and affordable budget. Above all, our excellent quality assurance processes and dedication to service makes us the best choice for your PCB manufacturing. Therefore, click here to get an Instant Quote now.

Electronic Product Design • PCB Design • Embedded Systems • IoT Company • Prototyping • PCB Manufacturing and Assembly • Open Source Hardware & Firmware Customisation • Web Applications • Android & iOS Applications