Home Automation​

Smart home, also often referred to as home automation, provides home owners security, comfort, and save lot of energy by allowing them to control devices from remotely, often by a smart home app on their smartphone or other networked device or from cloud. RioSH has enough expertise to design Control panels, Touch panels, Switches, LED drivers, LED bulbs, Door locks, Air Quality monitoring, Sensors data logging, Electrical Meters monitoring and controlling, Power consumption monitoring, remote monitoring and controlling

One of the most touted benefits of home automation is providing peace of mind to home owners, allowing them to monitor their homes remotely, countering dangers such as a forgotten coffee maker left on or a front door left unlocked and control from remote location.

Smart Home are also beneficial to the old aged people, providing monitoring that can help seniors to remain at home comfortably and safely, rather than moving to a nursing home or requiring 24/7 home care.


Control Panels

Control panel has multiple relays to control the multiple appliances. Offered with 4K surge protection, reverse polarity protection, High current and voltage protection. The panel design can be optimised with IR, Bluetooth and WIFI.

Control panel is standalone device. It can be optimised to both online and offline. If control panel is optimised to offline, can control through touch panel.

If control panel are integrated with Bluetooth, or WIFI or IR, then it can control through Mobile application and remote.

Touch Panels

Touch panel integrates with control panel. If control panel want to operate in offline, it will be connected with touch panel or IR remote control. Touch panel have capacitive buttons, which can control 4 general appliances(On/Off), and one dimmer or Fan(5 steps).
Touch panel have IR input. It can control through IR remote. Touch panel can receive the remote data and process the data in control panel.


Switches are standalone control panel along with touch panels. Switches are different types i.e single, double, Fan and dimmer modules. Switch modules are integrated with IR input and capacitive input.
Every Switch stacked with four boards. First and second board is power board which can accept 230vac input. The board can offer surge protection, reverse polarity protection and high voltage & current protection. 
Third board contain micro controller(MCU) which will receive the IR and capacitive button input and control the relays on first board. Top board contains the capacitive buttons.

LED Drivers

Designed universal LED driver, which can provide the variable output voltage(0-60V) and current(0-3A). Still by changing the transformer and LDO can increase the output voltage and current.

Led driver designed with 4K surge protection, reverse voltage protection, and high current & voltage protection. LED driver has display to show the voltage and current values. which can be finely tuned with onboard buttons. Driver can integrate with network.

LED Bulb

RGB LED Bulb designed with bluetooth connectivity. Bulb can connect with mobile application. By integrating bulb with Gateway can able to control any where in the world.
  • Remote access-Control your smart bulbs from anywhere
  • 16 million colours-Choose from your favourite colour
  • Scenes-Set your smart home the way you like it with one touch
  • Effects-Sync light to your favourite music.
  • Smart Bulb
  • AC Adapter
  • Type: LED

Door locks

RioSH is capable to design Door locks, you can choose from a variety of authentication options, depending on the user experience:

  • PIN codes: Typically referred to as “digital keypad locks,” these locks use a numerical code (usually 4-12 digit numbers) for authentication.
  • Security tokens: Keyless locks scan a security token for authentication. The token is usually a proximity card that is small enough for consumers to keep in their purse or wallet.
  • Biometrics: Locks can be designed to allow access by using an owner’s physical unique characteristics such as a fingerprint, hand geometry, eye scan or voice.

Energy Meter

An Electronic Energy Meter (EEM) designed for energy consumption monitor from remote locaton and control. EEM metering is highly accurate and electronic measurement is more robust than that of the conventional mechanical meters. The companies benefits from electronic energy meter in three significant ways.

1. It reduces the cost of theft and corruption on electricity distribution network with electronic designs and prepayment interfaces.
2. Electronic energy meter measures current in both Phase and Neutral lines and calculate power consumption based on the larger of the two currents.
3. EEM improves the cost and quality of electricity distribution.
4. Power consumption can monitor from any where in the world and control.

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