RioSH creates irresistible products and brands

Product Ideation

Work with client to understand the problem solved through product and help them starting from ideation stage


Understand market requirements and offer flexible engagement model to deliver working prototype faster

Market-ready Product

Provide end to end product engineering services to support the innovative product to come in the market

About Us

RioSH offers end-to-end services in the field of Embedded Systems. Our services start from product design requirement gathering, Product Idea Validation, Schematic Design, Hardware Design, Firmware & Software Development, Prototype Development, Application Development, Product Testing, Fixing bugs in the production and help clients to get Certification for the new products.

We have resources and expertise to deliver quality solutions at faster pace. We follow best practices, business processes, proven methodologies and systematic approach while delivering and designing solutions for our clients. We emphasize on Intellectual Property law to protect business ideas of clients from industry competition, will provide the life time design support.

RIOSH Technologies offers cutting edge design Services to the global electronics players. We are the specialist in Embedded design, PCB design, RF Design, Product design, Consulting Services, Product Software Development, PCB fabrication, Mechanical enclosure design and Assembly services will give added value to the customers looking for one stop solution for their all design and production requirements.

RioSH Vision is to be your first choice in electronic design and advanced product design solution partner for first-time success. Client will experience requirements that are met on-time, within budget, and with high quality, greater efficiency and responsiveness to your business in a very process oriented way.

The RIOSH team is loaded with highly skilled engineers and professionals possessing significant industrial experience across various application domains and engineering domains. We are in state-of-the-art technology and facilities, including some of the most sophisticated design and development services along with complete production. RIOSH continues to make the significant investment in new processes and Research & Development to keep up with your increasingly complex designs. RIOSH is driven to meet your evolving engineering needs and provide end to end services of product design.

Using innovative solutions to minimize costs of development and reduce manufacturing time, RIOSH is dedicated to delivering superior value. We are committed to providing industry-leading quality products and services on time at competitive costs and within schedule. Our achievements and dreams are recognized through our customer’s success, industry and customer recognition, and continuous quality improvement.

▸ Electronic Design ▸ PCB Design ▸ IoT Hardware ▸ Embedded Systems ▸ EMS Service ▸ Product Design​

RioSH is run by a team of passionate designers and engineers. We have a track record of delivering numerous successful products in various domains.

Who we are

What we do

Why us

Riosh is an industrial product design company established in 2016. We have the experience and expertise of working with some of the largest companies across Globe.

We provide a wide range of tailor-made services for industrial design and product development. We enjoy working with constraints to create simple, elegant and irresistible products.

We believe that incremental innovation is the key to success. We have a track record of designing and delivering globally successful products. To know more about our offering please contact us.

Our Advantage

  • Experience – Team experienced in system designs for multiple clients across world
  • Portfolio – In last two years, designed more than 20 products for clients across various industries
  • Industries Served –Home & Industrial Automation, IOT, Wearable Devices, and Healthcare
  • Infrastructure – Design center located in business hub along with test lab with modern testing equipment’s for automated testing

RioSH Technologies provides Electronics design service and embedded system development, IoT Product Development, PCB layout design, CPLD design & FPGA design and manufacturing service. we offered Embedded hardware design, System design, PI/SI/Thermal Analysis, System Engineering Design services.

RioSH Technologies offers custom electronics design, IoT Product Development, embedded system design product development and PCB design, FPGA based design & CPLD design, Board design, SI/PI/Thermal and electronic circuit design services, power design services, Mixed signal design service, Analog design service, Board Design.


RioSH provides the following services:

  • Electronic Product Design
  • PCB Design
  • IoT sensors & hardware
  • Embedded Systems Design
  • Firmware programming
  • Electronic Prototypes
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services

Do you have a great idea?

From product sketching to technical inspiration, from feasibility to manufacturing we move your innovation into production.

Electronic Product Design • PCB Design • Embedded Systems • IoT Company • Prototyping • PCB Manufacturing and Assembly • Open Source Hardware & Firmware Customisation • Web Applications • Android & iOS Applications

Our Success Stories

Consumer products and Industrial automation is changing at a rapid pace, clients are looking for products with next-gen technologies to cope up with that pace. Our team has helped clients by taking complete responsibility of a product. Here is a collection of success stories that highlight how our service offerings have transformed clients’ idea to product journey more efficient.