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Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Are you looking forward to creating the perfect PCB for your electronic device that remains faultless right from the stage of design conception to the final product? If yes, Rioshtech has the best Automated Optical Inspection solution for you!

PCBs are evolving every single day to match superior performance expectations from electronic devices across all industries. The growing complexity of PCBs thus requires advanced error detection mechanisms like Automated Optical Inspection (AOI).

What Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) By RioSH Does For You

Rioshtech takes the design and performance quality of your PCBs very seriously. Rioshtech thus ensures that all PCB designs go through an impenetrable scrutiny process before it reaches the final manufacturing stage. 

AOI is the ultimate weapon Rioshtech uses against ‘Catastrophic Failures’ and ‘Quality Defects’ and other possible uncertainties in your PCB model.

Rioshtech is presently equipped with technologically superior 3D automated AOI systems that can detect even the minutest errors in your PCB. Error detection includes but is not restricted to…

  • Surface defects like scratches, stains, and nodules, etc.
  • Dimensional defects like shorts, open circuits, thinning of solder, etc.
  • Catastrophic failures like missing components, incorrect components, incorrectly placed components, etc.
  • Quality defects like fillet size/shape, component skew, etc.
  • Other common defects like line width violations, spacing violations, hole breakage, incorrect mounting components, and more

Rioshtech employs 3D AOI right after the soldering stage is completed. This helps in the early detection of possible errors and remedy the same before approaching the mass production process. 

How It Works

The Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system is backed by very powerful high-definition cameras and lights that run over the board meticulously to detect possible errors in structures, components, and pathways.

With the captured images, the system creates a picture of the board which is compared with the conceptualized PCB board, information about which is already fed into the system. The comparison brings forth flaws in the design, which are then noted by skilled professionals and are addressed right away.

Defects are detected by AOI systems through 3 basic techniques…

  • Template matching – Here, the AOI system compares the obtained images with the ‘Golden’ board. The Golden Board is the benchmark PCB that has passed the First Article Inspection (FAI), and all following PCBs that approach mass manufacturing should be based on this model.
  • Pattern matching – Here, the AOI system stores the images of perfect PCB board assemblies and uses the same to detect abnormalities in the product at hand.
  • Statistical pattern matching – This is a more inclusive AOI system in comparison with pattern matching because it does not flag very minor, rather, irrelevant errors. This is a more statistical approach to problem-solving.

Here is a quick glimpse into the attributes that Rioshtech achieves based on the model VCTAB486…

  • Automatic Optical Measuring Instrument VCTAB486
  • Positioning Accuracy < 0.15mm
  • Measurable minimum element: 0201
  • Moving speed: 700 mm/s
  • Measurable PCB range: 25*25mm – 349*480mm

AOI inspection service is applicable to all PCB orders at Rioshtech

Why Rioshtech

There is no end to what can go wrong with PCBs at their designing and manufacturing stage. With Rioshtech you can benefit from 100% assured protection from possible structural and functional defects. 

Here is a list of attributes that sets Rioshtech apart from other providers of AOI solutions at a domestic scale…

  • Superior AOI technology – Rioshtech uses technologically superior tools and systems that match international standards. Our solutions are backed by 100% performance assurance.
  • Excellent skill support – Rioshtech is currently home to highly qualified and certified professionals that can faultlessly guide and assist you in the successful completion of your PCB project.
  • Serving all industries – Be it aeronautics, home electronics, medical equipment, defense equipment, telecommunication, or anything for that matter, Rioshtech is proud to cover all existing essential industries literally.  
  • Aiding Cost Cutting and Time-Saving AOI solutions at Rioshtech are always quick and error-free. This makes sure that your PCB goes to manufacturing without wasting any time or resources in rework or troubleshooting. 

With very competitive pricing, Rioshtech offers significant cost-cutting in favor of clients as well.

Rioshtech also offers end-to-end customer support all through the year. Rioshtech is widely appreciated for being very approachable, very quick in addressing queries, and keeping clients updated about project progress on a daily basis. 

Contact us right away to get the best Automated Optical Inspection services (AOI) in india.

The Necessity of Automated Optical Inspection

The modern PCB features almost countless joints, thus making the manual inspection a challenging task. Keep in mind that even in the years of simpler PCB circuit boards, manual testing was still hard and resulted in imperfect outcomes.

Think of the human factor. Human inspectors get tired, lose attention, or accidentally overlook some defects. It’s clear that with more advancement in these products, manual testing can’t keep pace with the exacting demands required. Moreover, vast quantities of PCBs are needed to satisfy the large and growing demand for electronic circuits. So, one needs more rapid and accurate methods. For all this, the only answer is an automatic optical inspection system.

How does AOI PCB accomplish its stunning results? Here we list three basic approaches

  • Template matching – this method compares the image captured with that of the “golden board,” which acts as a benchmark. So anything that is a mismatch to this board is flagged
  • Pattern matching – the system keeps a store of the image of the ideal PCB board and to match the actual output with the stored image in order to identify flawed products
  • Statistical pattern matching – This technique resembles pattern matching but uses large numbers of board images. Following this, It then applies methods of statistics to identify flaws. Consequently, this method will also not reject all board errors, as some are too minor to need flagging. 

AOI, AXI, and ICT in The Major Defect Detection Capabilities

How does the automated optical system (AOI) compare with other systems such as AXI and ICT? Here are the performance parameters contrasted with the AOI PCB inspection.

Soldering defects    
Solder bridgesYesYesYes
Open circuitsYesYesYes
Insufficient solderYes (not heel or joint)NoYes
Excess solderYesNoYes
Solder shortsYesYesYes
Solder qualityNoNoYes
Solder voidNo  
Component defects   
Missing componentYesYesYes
Lifted leadYesYesYes
Misaligned or misplaced componentYesYesYes
Faulty componentNoYesNo
Incorrect component valueNoYesNo
BGA and CSP defects   
BGA open circuit connectionsNoYesYes
BGA shortsNoYesYes

When Do We Use AOI During PCB Manufacturing

We do a 3D automated optical inspection of PCBs at a very early stage of the production run. After the soldering stage is done, we deploy the technique. The value of this is that we can detect flaws early enough and correct them. Since these defects are detected early rather than later in the production process, the savings in cost and time are great.

Also, the automated optical inspection system benefits from a feedback process. When defects emerge, they are promptly detected and relayed back to earlier stages. Therefore, we are able to catch and remove flaws so that not too many boards with the same defects appear

Attributes and Working of AOI

The AOI PCB inspection uses a high definition camera.

Below we detail the attributes that we achieve based on the model VCTAB486 that we use

  • Automatic Optical Measuring Instrument VCTAB486
  • Positioning Accuracy < 0.15mm
  • Measurable minimum element: 0201
  • Moving speed: 700 mm/s
  • Measurable PCB range:25*25mm – 349*480mm
Your PCB Order Will Comes with AOI Inspection Service

RioSH Technologies has made quality a top concern in what we deliver to you. Therefore, we always include automated optical inspection with all PCB orders that you bring to us. This is a solid guarantee for you to receive products of incredible quality. Coupled with this, you will receive your order speedily and at a low price.

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