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SMT Assembly

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is a powerful and celebrated successor to the Through-Hole Technology (THT) process of PCB manufacturing. SMT allows you the much-required momentum in mass production of your PCBs with the maximum assurance of faultlessness and efficiency. 

If your devices are small (like wearable digital devices, pocket-sized electronics etc.), you will need to ensure that the miniaturized PCBs for these devices are not compromised in terms of design, performance and quality.

This is exactly what SMT services from Rioshtech assures you… 100% error-free designing, perfect assembly and unbeatable performance testing before your PCB goes for mass manufacturing. 

How SMT Works

As the name suggests, this technology involves mounting the PCB components directly onto the surface of the board. The process is applicable to both large and small PCBs and can be used in conjunction with the Through Hold Technology depending upon the design, components and other individual design specifications.

The SMT process for PCB manufacturing usually involves 6 steps…

  • Machine Programming – The Surface Mount Technology process involves a number of automated machines (like pick and place machines, AOI machines etc.) that are used to assemble the components on the board according to the mentioned specifics. In the Machine Programming step, all these automated machines are configured and synchronized so that they perform flawlessly and seamlessly.
  • Solder paste Application – In simple words, solder paste is something like glue for the PCB that holds the surface components in place temporarily before heat is applied, and the paste melts to form a permanent mechanical bond. Jet printing, stencil printing and syringe are the 3 most common methods of applying solder paste to the PCB surface. 
  • Solder paste control – This is an essential step where the application of the solder paste is inspected by (Solder Paste Inspection) SPI machines for possible errors like the application being too thick, too thin, too high, pollution, bridges etc. Once the SPI machine confirms OK, the SMT process moves to the 4th step.
  • Component stacking – This is the most important step in the SMT process, where the essential components are placed on the applied solder paste as per specifications with the assistance of the pick and place machines. The Pick and Place automated machines at Rioshtech are very powerful and can work with the speed of placing about 100 to 120 thousand components per hour. 
  • Soldering – In this process, the PCB is exposed to optimum heating in a Reflow Soldering Oven, where the solder paste melts at different levels for effective distribution. High-quality and error-free connections are formed after the molten solder paste hardens. 
  • AOI for inspecting possible errorsAutomatic Optical Inspection is the last step of the SMT process. Here, the AOI machines perform thorough scrutiny on the newly assembled PCB to detect possible errors like scratches, stains, short circuit, faulty components, open circuits, absence of components etc.

Rioshtech is equipped with a highly sophisticated SMT set-up that is compatible with almost all types of PCB assembly, like…

  • BGA
  • QFN
  • SOIC
  • PLCC
  • QFP
  • uBGA
  • POP

Why SMT at Rioshtech Is A Great Choice For Your PCB

SMT services from Rioshtech is one of the most reliable and efficient means to create your PCB with assured speed, performance and functional efficiency.

  • Surface Mount Technology services at Rioshtech is backed with end-to-end automation, which speeds up completion time remarkably 
  • Rioshtech SMT services are applicable to all types of PCBs irrespective of size, density or design
  • All PCB manufacturing and assembly services at Rioshtech match international standards that maximizes the relevance of your PCBs in the market
  • Thanks to complete automation and zero error possibility, SMT services at Rioshtech is far more cost-effective than competing services in the country
  • SMT Services at Rioshtech is very flexible and can be thoroughly customized in tune with minutely specific client requirements
  • Rioshtech continually updates its SMT Services to stay in tune with international standards and offer the best available solutions to clients in the minimum possible time and best prices
  • To top it all, Rioshtech always enforces a Non-Disclosure Agreement with all clients to ensure 100% safety of PCB designs and guarantees that no information will be shared with any third party entities.


Process of Electronic Manufacturing

So now you understand what contract electronic manufacturing companies do. Therefore, you might wonder why industrialists tend to prefer procuring the services of these companies. The reasons are quite obvious and simple to grasp:

  • Working with contract electronic manufacturing companies allows you to enhance your overall production capacity.
  • It allows a company to meet the rising demand of its customers.
  • So, the company is better able to diversify its operations.
  • Additionally, it distributes the manufacturing risks across multiple manufacturers.
  • It helps in significantly driving down the costs.
  • Hence, a company has the opportunity to better capitalize on its resources.

Electronic Product Design • PCB Design • Embedded Systems • IoT Company • Prototyping • PCB Manufacturing and Assembly • Open Source Hardware & Firmware Customisation • Web Applications • Android & iOS Applications