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Electronic manufacturing

Converting your Electronic Device ideas into a seamless success story is easy with Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services from Rioshtech. Recognized as one of the most efficient and best contract manufacturers in India, Rioshtech is your one-stop destination to design, test, assemble, create, and quality checks your electronic project in tune with global standards and in the most cost-efficient ways possible. 

Specialized Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services From Rioshtech:

Rioshtech is one of the very few contract electronic manufacturers in India that caters to thoroughly customized and nearly all-inclusive services across the largest selection of industries. Some of the prized services that have won indomitable trust from clients over the past years include but are not restricted to…

  • Prototyping
  • PCB assembly
  • Electromechanical assembly
  • Testing
  • Aftermarket services
  • Cable assembly
  • Contract design
  • 3-D modeling
  • Custom shipment packaging
  • Configuration management
  • Potting and heat shrink use
  • Functional testing
  • Encapsulation
  • 3-D CAD and physical modeling
  • Circuit simulation and optimization
  • Costing exercises
  • Quality review
  • Functional Analysis
  • Technical feasibility studies

Backed with the best of tools, skills, and eco-friendly manufacturing environment, Rioshtech stands out among competing contract manufacturers operational in the domestic market today.

Top EMS Services Offered by Rioshtech:

  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly – Rioshtech is equipped with one of the most sophisticated SMT assembly systems that allow electronic manufacturing products and PCBs of all shapes and sizes without compromising on quality.
  • Consignment PCB Assembly – Here the components are provided by the clients, and the assembly process is undertaken by Rioshtech.
  • Lead-Free PCB Assembly – Rioshtech lives up to its eco-friendly manufacturing reputation. Therefore, it is one of the very few manufacturers that are capable of producing lead-free PCB assembly in tune with environmental laws.
  • Box Build Assembly and Wiring Harness AssemblyBox Building services have reached new heights with Rioshtech. Be it simple box builds or more complex systems, Rioshtech has the best resources and best practices to add unflinching quality to the project.

Direct Benefits Of Contract Electronic Manufacturing For Clients:

Contract manufacturing is already recognized as a sensible solution for large-scale clients, but with Rioshtech, smaller companies and even startups can get a commendable kickstart with this service. Some of the inherent benefits of assigning your contract manufacturing project to Rioshtech includes…

  • A to Z Assistance – End-to-end manufacturing solutions right from design conception and component sourcing to assembly, testing, and final manufacturing followed by improvements and repairs (if required) is an irresistible advantage that fast-growing clients always benefit from while seeking services from Rioshtech.
  • Resource Management and Cost Cutting – Being in the contract manufacturing industry for years, Rioshtech has excelled in the domain of minimizing waste, getting the best deals from suppliers, optimize labor inputs, minimize error possibilities and use advanced tools for quicker completion time. All this adds up to phenomenal resource management and cost-saving compared to self-managed manufacturing processes.
  • World-Class Product Quality – Rioshtech houses internationally recognized tools, machine systems, testing solutions, and skill resources that inevitably add to product quality and dependability. With Rioshtech, it will always be easy for your products to go global in case you are planning to expand your market overseas.
  • Perfect for Startups – Startups often lack skills, tools, experience, and the market for launching their finished electronic products. With cost-effective and customized end-to-end manufacturing services from Rioshtech, common startup challenges can be successfully avoided.
  • Industries No Bar – Rioshtech is equipped to serve a very wide range of industries ranging from aeronautics, defense, and health care devices to industrial automation, home automation, wearable devices, telecommunication, and more. 
  • Risk Management and Minimization – Possible risks in terms of designing, innovating, testing, and manufacturing finished products get nullified at Rioshtech. This also goes a long way in saving unforeseen costs that clients may have to incur in case sudden risk factors surface in self-manufacturing. 

Rioshtech is one of the best electronic contract manufacturing companies in India and it further signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement with all clients, which offers a 100% guarantee their information files on designs / ideas / manufacturing details will not be shared with any third-party entity under any circumstances. Rioshtech also offers 100% ownership of manufacturing files to clients so that they always remain in charge of their projects.


EMS Electronic Manufacturing Services provided by RioSH Technologies

We are a pioneer in electronic manufacturing solutions and we have a reputation for over excellent performance over the years. Our production methodology is one of the most sophisticated ones in the industry. We take pride in our highly-skilled labor force and our very high standards of R&D.

  • SMT Assembly

We have a very advanced SMT assembly plant. This gives us the ability to manufacture products of all shapes and sizes. So, we can easily claim that our assembly services are the best in terms of accessibility, performance, and repeatability. Our soldering quality is the best you will ever come across. Additionally, we can perform in-house Automated Optical Inspection. Hence, we can offer our clients the best possible quality assurance.

RioSH Technology has five SMT assembly lines. These lines are well-equipped for manufacturing a wide range of PCBA. Our assembly lines can rapidly change as per the requirements. Hence, our lines offer very high flexibility. This allows us to effectively engage in all of our customer requests. Therefore, we always manufacture and deliver electronic products ahead of deadlines.

  • Wiring Harness Assembly

RioSH Technology has years of experience in providing wire harness assembly services to its valued customers. Therefore, we can provide all sorts of wiring harness services to you as per your needs. So, this includes the flat ribbon and RF. Therefore, we can leverage our strengths in terms of injection molding, manufacturing, and ultrasonic welding for delivering excellent services and products to our valued clients.

Additionally, we also offer turnkey cable services so you can utilize them for prototyping of your products in medium volumes. Our unique offerings include fast delivery, quality assembly, standard and consistent testing, and desired procurement. Our team is highly-specialized in assisting our clients in real-time. Hence, we can offer efficient communication for handling your orders.

  • Consignment PCB Assembly

In this type of PCB assembly, the vital components are provided by the client. On the other hand, the manufacturer takes care of the manufacturing and synthesis processes. You should opt for this alternative when you are working on very expensive electronic products which involve very unique electronic components. This will assure you that no one will have the capability to replicate your products and your manufacturing process will stay economical.

  • Box Build Assembly

We take pride in our capability to provide full mechanical and electrical box build assemblies. Additionally, these assemblies are customized as per the needs and requirements of our clients. Hence, they will have the ability to save a lot of money and time. We provide unique services that help our clients in configuring complicated products for the sake of defense, commercial, and industrial uses.

Our box-build services include the manufacturing of control panels, cable assemblies, cabinet assemblies, and panel wiring. We also specialize in offering just-in-time manufacturing of consignment stock and direct line feed. This allows our clients to save their financial resources. On top of that, it gives them a significant edge in supply chain and distribution.

  • Lead-free PCB Assembly

Lead has a reputation that it is a very toxic element. Many reports suggest that it has harmful effects on human health, animal life, and plant growth. In the past, most manufacturers used Lead as a major component in their ems PCB boards. They didn’t realize that it can seep into the environment after disposal in landfills. Hence, environmental authorities and many governments are taking initiatives to ban the use of lead in electronic devices. Hence, most clients have to comply with regulations that dictate to avoid lead in the manufacturing of PCB boards. RioSH Technologies is a pioneer in this pursuit as we now proudly offer lead-free assembly services.

Electronic Product Design • PCB Design • Embedded Systems • IoT Design • Prototyping • Open Source Hardware • Open Source Firmware Customisation • PCB Fabrication • PCB Assembly • PCB Box Building • Electronic Manufacturing services • EMS Company