Home Automation Control Panel With Bluetooth

Home automation with BLE involves controlling a home appliances with wireless technology which reduces the human activity, especially useful in home environment.

The Bluetooth technology is a low power wireless technology which used to control the devices in home and office environment.

The controller can be used to control the Relay modules which leads to control the Home appliance via Bluetooth technology. 


  • Main power supply 230VAC and Modular power supply to convert AC to DC
  • Bluetooth range up to 50 feet
  • On board PCB routed Antenna
  • Simple Android application
  • Touch button and IR interface

Bluetooth Home Automation Control Board Top And Bottom Layout:

Pin Mapping:

The controller receives input from Touch panel and IR sensor to control the loads like Lights, Fan and dimming a level of light.

The Bluetooth low power device can easily turn on/off home appliance within a range.

Controller often use JTAG to provide access to their debug/emulation functions and programming tools commonly associates with it.


In home automation with BLE Segger embedded studio is used as the integrated development environment (IDE) which provides a programming platform to create new programs.


  • NRF52832 Microcontroller
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Interface:I²C, SPI, GPIO
  • Touch panel ,LEDs, IR Sensor
  • Interface:I²C, SPI, GPIO
  • Power Supply 230VAC
  • AC-DC converter(230v-12v)
  • 4 Relays for Lights and 3 Relays for Fan

How Home automation with BLE Works:

In home automation system with BLE the controller can be used to control the home appliances via Bluetooth by receiving signals from Touch panel.

Bluetooth low energy device system can easily turn on/off Lights and Fan using the relay modules with low Current consumption.

Using IR remote with controller Board we can turn on/off the home appliances.


  1. Smart home automation: In Smart home automation, the main controller Board can be used to control the home appliances by receiving signals from Touch control panel and IR sensor. Smart home automation provides high home security with video surveillance.
  2. Control appliances: To control Industrial equipment and machineries using touch control panels via Bluetooth.