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Box Build Assembly

It is very essential for your PCB manufacturing project to be backed by a failsafe box build assembly service… a process that allows your PCB to be integrated with the respective machine system seamlessly, faultlessly, and with 100% performance advantage. 

A box build can be a simple plastic enclosure to house your PCB, or it can be a more complex system with added components like smaller electronic parts, pneumatic devices, wiring, and more that connects with subassemblies. 


At Rioshtech, your PCB projects are exposed to nothing short of the best Box Building advantage that comes with the assurance of… 

  • unmatched protection to the board from external and environmental elements without compromising its functionality and
  • seamless error free connection with simple / complex subassemblies

Quick Glimpse Into Rioshtech Box Build Assembly Solutions:

Rioshtech is one of the leading electronic product / PCB design and manufacturing companies in India. Rioshtech is widely known across industries for living up to innovation expectations and faultless manufacturing excellence. 

With Rioshtech handing your PCB box build assembly project, you are guaranteed to benefit from…

  • Fully Integrated Seamless Box Build Assembly including complete electrical and mechanical box build services
  • Flexible and Versatile solutions, be it simple plastic box build enclosures or very complex multi-rack assemblies

Our services are complete and all-inclusive and embrace special requirements like

Whether it’s simple plastic enclosures or multi-rack assemblies, we provide complete solutions for box build assembly requirements, including:

    • Automated Encapsulation
    • Complete Electro-Mechanical Assembly
    • Automated Conformal Coating
    • Testing including Functional, Final, Environmental and Burn-In
    • Complete Product Testing & Burn-In
    • Custom Packaging
    • Direct Product Shipment
    • Aftermarket Service and Depot Repair of Rioshtech Built Products
    • Warehousing & Order Fulfillment & Traceability
    • Extensive customization options to suit minutely specific requirements of individual clients

    Rioshtech currently offers SMT, PTH, and Mixed assembly solutions for box building. Our skills are applicable to an array of different enclosures, cable assemblies, and sub-assemblies with simple and complex metal frames. 

Save Costs With End To End Box Build Services From Rioshtech:

Rioshtech offers an exclusive range of additional cost-saving advantages to clients for end-to-end box building projects like…

  • Built to Order services
  • Low-cost manufacture sourcing
  • Access to pre-tested sub-assemblies
  • 100% transparency in the bill of materials (BOM)
  • Cost-effective shipping prices

All PCB manufacturing services from Rioshtech match international manufacturing and technological standards, which offers an added boost to your brand presence while enhancing the applicability and trustworthiness of your end product. 

Large range of automated tooling and testing equipment:

  • ESD and climate controlled production environment quality maintenance
  • Cost-effective assembly and shipping prices
  • Technical support services
  • Easy to follow online quotes and orders

We have extensive experience and knowledge in the manufacturing of box build ensuring we retain the highest standards when we assemble, test and package goods to customer point of sale specification, in doing so we secure our clients significant cost and time savings. While we source printed circuit boards and enclosures from partner manufacturers, each customer is allocated a dedicated project manager meaning they benefit from a single supplier contact throughout the whole project lifecycle. That way we can guarantee quality, value and excellence right the way through the box build manufacturing process.

It’s precisely because a box build manufacturing partnership with RioSH offers such commercial benefits that so many of our clients are now outsourcing all their manufacturing activities to us.

To ensure that our quality levels are continually maintained, we offer additional services of component sourcing, layout, rework, and PCB testing and inspection. With RioSH box build assembly services, you will receive complete support for the entire mechanical assembly process.

Industries Served By Rioshtech

Rioshtech currently offers PCB / Electronic Box Building services to hundreds of domestic clients across an array of essential industries including…

  • Aerospace and satellites
  • Automobile sectors
  • Home automation
  • Health care
  • Defense
  • Telecommunications
  • Home electronics
  • Security Gadgets and accessories and more. 

Box Building solutions from Rioshtech have been widely appreciated by existing clients for innovation, durability, overall faultlessness, and unbeatable cost-effectiveness of the process.

Added Box Build Service Advantages For Clients From Rioshtech:

  • Rioshtech Simplifies your Supply Chain by eliminating inherent complexities like unnecessary confusion, the surge in costs, and increased project completion time. The production setup of Rioshtech is such that box build service, or any service for that matter, is automatically streamlined.
  • Rioshtech takes pride in maintaining a climate-controlled production environment in tune with global standards that maximizes your product quality and relevance.
  • Rioshtech houses updated state-of-the-art tools, software, materials, and equipment for your electronic / PCB box build that contribute to high-performance error-free product design and assembly.
  • Technical support and client services from Rioshtech are always of the highest standards. Clients can always access superior assistance from top PCB / electronic device designing / manufacturing professionals from across the country to design and test their projects satisfactorily before taking them to mass manufacturing.
  • All PCB clients at Rioshtech are assigned a project manager… a qualified, experienced, and dedicated ‘single point of contact’ that offers A to Z assistance on the entirety of the project up to the completion of its lifecycle.
  • Be it your PCB design or box build assembly, your data and files are 100% safe with Rioshtech. Rioshtech always enforces a Non-Disclosure Agreement with all clients wherein their information is never shared with third-party entities. 

Besides PCB design and Box Building, Rioshtech also offers extensive testing and inspection services with the assistance of the latest tools and equipment systems to maintain unbeatability in your PCB / electrical device performance.

Electronic Product Design • Embedded Systems Design• IoT Hardware Design • Prototyping • Open Source Hardware design• Open Source Firmware Development • PCB Fabrication • PCB Assembly • PCB Box Building • Plastic Enclosure Design • Sheet Metal Enclosure design • Electronic Manufacturing services company• EMS Company