Home Automation Control Panel With ESP32 (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth)

Smart Home Systems is a concept in which all the electrical appliances or the devices are controlled using a single remote control. Most of the time, the remote control is mobile application. In these systems, Touch control panel is used to control all these devices.

The home electrical appliances can be controlled through ESP32 Microcontroller, by sending the data from touch control panel to the ESP-32 Controller via Wi-Fi which is connected to the router, that will switches the electrical appliance on or off.

Note: Since ESP32 have single RF circuit and antenna, it can’t perform Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions simultaneously. So the device connected to the internet one after another. So there may be little delay in the functionality. If application needs aggressive connectivity, firmware can be designed to connect to server over Ethernet or use one more ESP-32 controller to connect to server.


  • Main power supply 230VAC and Modular power supply to convert AC to DC
  • 100 meters WIFI connection range
  • On board PCB routed Antenna
  • Simple Android application
  • Touch button and IR interface

Pin Mapping:

Controller often use JTAG to provide access to their debug/emulation functions and programming tools commonly associates with it.The cloud which is created for the system anybody can access the information by using Wi-Fi through router.In Touch control panel and IR sensor only output pins are used to control the loads with main controller Board.

ESP32 Home Automation Control Board Top And Bottom Layout


Integrated development envirnoment(IDE), which is used to write program for ESP32 chip set Controller. So the availabel IDE are as follows.

  • Arduino
  • Espressif IoT Development Framework

Arduino IDE is open source IDE which enables to write program software for controlling a mulptiple connected devices.

Espressif IoT Development is a platform(IDE)  used for creating the ESP32 systems by developing software program.

This IDE ensures the latest versions, and it supports the latest software.


  • Wi-Fi chip set of ESP32 with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Touch panel ,LEDs, IR Sensor
  • Power Supply 230VAC
  • AC-DC converter(230v-12v)
  • 4 Relays for Lights and 3 Relays for Fan
  • Built-in programmer for Arduino and ESP-IDF

How Home automation with Wi-Fi Works:

The home automation system with ESP-32 Wi-Fi chip set works by receiving signals as input to controller from Touch panel and then connected to the router using Wi-Fi, and it transmits the information to cloud to control the home appliances.

Using IR remote with controller Board we can turn on/off the home appliances from anywhere in the world by only using Wi-Fi.


  1. Smart home automation: Touch control panel and IR sensor are used to control the home appliances by sending signals to the controller Board. Smart home automation provides high home security with continuous video surveillance using Wi-Fi.
  2. Control appliances: To control Industrial equipment and machineries using touch control panels with Controller Board via Wi-Fi transmitting information to the cloud.

Schematics can be downloaded from the following location https://gitlab.com/vishnuriosh/home-automation-module-esp32