In an era of electronic engineering, we are using electronics for various applications in medical electronics, by that we are able to modify the medical treatment. Non-medical professionals may also monitor the health problems by the use of easy medical electronics. Below are the engineering applications which will be designed for medical electronics.

These applications made medical field very simple and perfect identification of diseases. Medical electronics are most widely developing fields of this era. Medical electronics are finding cures for almost all diseases and to implement treatment. By using medical electronics doctors and surgeons can do medical examinations in a very smart way.

Medical electronics provides sophisticated equipment with precision. Medical electronics professionals are the persons who deal with the operation of these medical electronics applications. Without medical electronics, it will be difficult for doctors to identify particular disease with which a person is suffering. 

Healthcare Devices Include:

  • Medical glucose Monitor
  • Blood gas analyzer
  • Electronic Brain Wave Monitor
  • Medical heart monitors
  • Infrared and Digital Thermometers
  • Defibrillator for medical electronics
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • MRI for medical electronics
  • Fetal Monitor
  • Digital Stethoscope


Blood Glucose Monitor

Blood glucose monitor is used to calculate glucose level of diabetic patients. These devices are often designed as medical electronic projects. The working of blood glucose monitor is, when a little drop of blood is placed on the chemical strip, the strip has sensors to live content of various chemical components, within seconds it will calculate the amount of glucose in the blood and displays by using a LED display.

It is very helpful to observe sugar levels with less prices and straight forward approach. It is a relief to a heap of diabetic patients. Making of Blood Glucose Monitor is easy by usual material which are available in the market.

Blood gas analyzer

The best application of electronics in the medical field is gas analyzer. It is used to calculate the pressure of the chemical elements like carbon monoxide, nitrogen, oxygen in blood. By analyzing results we able to understand if any disorder in blood, particularly after we feel sick quite 2days. By exploiting results we are able to observe if any disorder when we feel sickness within the basic level solely within the home. It is often enforced as medical electronics projects.

Blood collected from the person is introduced within the chemical device strip that has particle selective electrodes, by exploitation by device amplifiers and analog electronic device, the results are going to be shown in a digital manner with ADC for a microcontroller. Then the output is going to be displayed within the digital display module in terms of millimeters of mercury (mmHg), kilopascals (kPa), typical values for the carbon monoxide and dioxide measure thirty four(34) to thirty five (35) mm Hg , which of Oxygen in between eighty(80) to ninety (90) mm Hg.


Brain wave machine is one type of instrument in medical electronics which is used to  record the electrical activity of the scalp with Electroencephalography by firing of neurons within the brain. It processes the data that has taken from the electrodes which are placed on the scalp and can be displayed within the screen.

It is helpful in the treatment of disorders of brains like sleeping disorder, brain death, and mental unhealthiness, also in emergency units at hospitals. These types of electronic devices are used in the medical field in the treatment of mental issues.


The Electronic Cardiac Monitor  is used in all medical electronics applications. This medical electronic device is used to display the electrical and pressure waveform of the cardiac system. By inserting specific electrodes on the various elements of the body we can get ECG of the cardiac system. It will observe irregular activity within the cardiac system and heart issues. It is used throughout medical treatment and especially while surgery.

Digital Thermometers

The digital thermometers are used to sense the temperature of the body and these devices are portable, have permanent probes, and a convenient digital display. These devices are used in different industries to control processes in scientific research, the study of weather and in medicine.

IR thermometer is used to measure the temperature by detective work with radiation generated by the body. These devices are often used in airports for defectively knowing the condition of passenger’s health from a distance to observe the diseases like viral hemorrhagic fever like EBOLA, SAARC etc. This system consists of a lens to focus the infrared (IR) energy onto a target body, and detects the energy, and displayed in the form of electrical signal which will be displayed in units of temperature.

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