Electronic Product Design

RioSH 10 phase process is what makes RioSH’s service different from traditional electronic product development firms. Learn more about each phase of our service on this page. RioSH services include custom Electronics product Design, Embedded Systems design, IoT Hardware Design, Open source hardware design, Open source firmware development, Firmware Design, IoT Product Design, PCB Design, Prototyping, Plastic enclosure design, Sheet metal enclosure design, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, PCB Box building, EMS company and Electronic Manufacturing Services.

We Take Responsibility

We make double sure the electronic product we’re developing is cost effective, yet very reliable.

Design and Development

RioSH Technologies design and development services turn ideas into winning products.

Streamlined Process

RioSH delivers end-to-end electronic product development that has been optimized specifically for manufacturing in India

Our Electronic product design and Electronic manufacturing services includes this ten proven Phases


RioSH closely works with clients to know the complete electronic product design requirement. We check the technical possibilities and challenges of the requirement. RioSH will get back to the client with a technical proposal along with commercials. After approval from the client for technical and commercial proposals, will start working on the project with NDA. RioSH will give at most priority to schedule-based development. RioSH will develop the product by keeping the present trend in mind along with time.


Product quality is defined based on the features and aesthetics of plastic enclosure of sheet metal enclosure (look and feel) of the product. We are engineers and craving about the quality of the product. The product look and feel would be beyond the market trend. While designing the product will keep production-friendly designs in mind along with end-user expectations. The package is one of the factors where it can boost sales along with transportation safety. Our branding team and engineers collaboratively design the outside package.


RioSH’s electronic engineers have been designing and manufacturing electronic products in India since 2016. We have in-house skills in Electronic Product Design and experience to develop embedded solutions. We will take care of the product design from concept and deliver a functional working prototype. We will take care of the prototype for Bulk electronic manufacturing services.


RioSH will take care of concept to product design and will deliver the working functional prototype. RioSH engineers will understand the Mechanical design requirement including plastic enclosure design or sheet metal enclosure design and will provide multiple concepts. Out of multiple mechanical concepts, as per the client’s wish will start working on the final product design. RioSH can take care of complete product design or part of product design like only Mechanical design. As per the PCB Board, DXF will design the Mechanical outside of the PCB. Aesthetics and Functional working module is a priority during enclosure design.


As per the client concept will segregate the client requirement on the document. As per the design requirement, and as per the hardware engineer’s suggestion will select a suitable controller for firmware development. the Programming language of every microcontroller and Integrated design environment (IDE) is different.


Based on Electronic product design requirements RioSH Engineers validate the idea with a prototype with open-source electronics. We use open-source electronics like Arduino, and Raspberry pi boards for idea validation, which we call as electronic prototype. Around the electronic prototype we will design Mechanical design and validate with 3D printings. Product valuation  completes with prototype functionalities.


After completing the mechanical design of the plastic enclosure design will start working on the final mold making. Mold helps us to produce bulk production. Our design engineers design the mechanical design production friendly. The mold should offer robustness and Aesthetics. After completion of the Basic mold will send the first revision product to the client for confirmation. As per the client’s feedback will do changes and produce the final design and start bulk production.


While earlier prototypes have been carefully assembled by our engineers, the test is now if we can replicate the same quality in mass production, and Pilot Production is to validate the multiple prototypes before going for the main production. The pilot quantity may be a few tens to hundreds.


While design any electronic product RioSH will follow the necessary certifications regulations. which will add less efforts and time to achieve the safety certifications. RioSH is familier with CE, FCC, IEC and few other safety standards.


RioSH team design the products by keeping Design For Manufacturing(DFM) in mind. Design will manufacturing friendly and less processing with achieved good quality. RioSH Factory can support 1 million of PCB’s manufacturing and assembly of single type of PCB.

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