The job of our designers and engineers is to realize the original ID design, while meeting a host of other requirements. They optimize the design of mechanical parts for robustness and aesthetics whilst ensuring a design that minimizes the cost of the injection molds and the parts themselves. 


This mechanical DFM, and the tweaking of the molds, requires a lot of interaction with the mold makers in India. Since our engineers are on the ground and speak indianwe can achieve results at a high speed. Working side by side with our electronic engineers we can obtain the tight packages needed for portable and wearable electronic products And because DFM also implies optimization for the specific assembly factory we make sure we include their input as well. Working with the mold designers our mechanical engineering team makes sure that:

  • the product looks great in all its details
  • plastic parts can be injection molded without problems
  • parts are cost-effective to manufacture
  • parts are strong enough to withstand drop and vibration tests
  • mechanisms such as gearboxes operate smoothly
  • the product achieves the appropriate level of dust and water resistance (IPV)
  • the assembly process at the India factory is fast and monkey proof
  • the product can be easily opened for repair

3D CAD Software Our mechanical engineers use both SolidWorks and Pro-Engineer Creo 3D CAD software to facilitate collaboration with your team and third parties.


Our mechanical engineering team has extensive mechatronic experience in designing moving parts for complex mechanisms. We leverage and build on this knowledge to the projects we take on and deliver solutions that drive the overall success of a product.

Complete Mechanical Engineering Capabilities

  • Detailed technical specifications/ product requirements
  • Design Validation/ optimization
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Testing and quality standards
  • Manufacturability/ sustainability assessments
  • Pre-production, fabrication, and manufacturing support
  • Product assembly instructions/ documentation

Production-Ready CAD

RioSH broad experience among Mechanical Engineering Design Companies means that your products will be engineered to comply with all applicable industry standards and regulations by validating mechanical designs, optimizing product design, and prototyping of critical components, we can work with you to deliver superior design and production friendly.

Manufacturing process of the best products also demands effective production planning, design, fabrication, and assembly. RioSH provides all of these services, including documentation of design proposal and bill of materials (BOM) of prototype and  production, tool and manufacturing sourcing, design and manufacturability (DFM) and sustainability assessments, vendor qualification(more than 30 verified vendors) and capability of studies, and inspection and quality assurance of services.

Analysis and Simulation:

  • Thermal
    • Temperature Chamber Testing
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Steady State
    • Transient State
  • Structural
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    • Linear and Non-Linear
    • Fatigue and Buckling
    • Multiple Loading
  • Fluid
    • Fluid transfer and Motion
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Shock and Vibration
    • Frequency Response
    • Natural Frequency Analysis
    • Dampening Analysis
  • Kinematics
    • Cam, Spring, and Linkage Analysis
    • Drive Train and Gear Calculations

Production Ready CAD Package

  • Production Ready CAD Package
    • Clean, Editable CAD models
    • Indented Bill of Materials
    • Tolerance Stack Up Analysis
    • 2D Drawing Package
    • Critical to Function (CTF) Tolerance Dimensioning
    • Assembly Drawings
    • Operation Method Sheet
  • Design for Manufacturing
    • Cost Analysis
    • Manufacturing Methods
    • Plastic
    • Injection Molding
    • Blow Molding
    • Rotational Molding
    • Pressure and Vacuuming Forming
    • Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
    • Extrusion
    • Metal
    • Sheet Metal Forming
    • Extrusion
    • Die, Sand, Investment Casting
    • Metal Injection Molding
    • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
    • Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
    • Other
    • Carbon Fiber Layup
    • Composite Materials
  • Design for Assembly
    • Assembly Process and Steps
    • Assembly Time
    • Bill of Material Reduction
  • Product Prototyping
    • Additive Rapid Prototyping Technology
    • Stereolithography (SLA)
    • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
    • Fused Deposition Modeling (FMD)
    • Poly-Jet and Multi-Jet Printing
    • Subtractive Prototyping Technology
    • Sheet Metal Forming
    • Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
    • Laser and Water Jet Cutting
    • Room Temperature Vulcanizing Molding (RTV Molding)

Manufacturing Transition and Support

  • Verification and Validation
    • First Article Inspection Reporting
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Product Testing
    • Life Testing
    • Drop Testing
    • Federal Regulation Testing
    • Electro Magnetic Interference Testing (EMI)
    • Shipment Testing and Procedure
    • Environmental Testing (get verbiage from phases – endurance and exposure)
  • Production Cycle
    • Manufacturing sourcing
    • Alpha and Beta builds
    • Full scale production ramp-up
  • Product Lifecycle Management
    • Engineering Change Notice
    • Revision Control of Production Drawing Package
    • Stock Disposition
  • Product Sustaining
    • Quality Assurance Documentation
    • Design Control and Maintenance
    • Assembly Analysis and Cost Reduction
    • Manufacturing Support

Electrical, Firmware, Software Engineering

  • Hardware Development
    • Digital circuit design
    • Analog circuit design
    • PCB Design
    • User Interface: Displays and Control Panels
    • Motion Control
    • Sensors: temperature, position, pressure, force, fluid level, flow, etc.
    • Signal Conditioning, Signal Processing (DSP)
    • Communication interfaces: USB, Serial, Ethernet, etc.
  • Power Management
    • AC/DC Power Supplies
    • Power Conversion/Battery Management
    • Low-power design
  • Firmware Development
    • Embedded Systems: Microchip, Intel, Freescale, ARM, TI, ATMEL etc.
    • Embedded Ethernet, USB, Web Server
    • Standard and custom communications protocols
    • Arduino
  • Wireless Technologies
    • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee plus other M2M protocols
    • Security and Encryption
    • Radio & Antenna systems
    • GSM/CDMA
    • GPS
    • RFID
    • NFC
  • Software Engineering
    • Mobile Development
    • Smart Products
    • Web Apps
    • Big Data & Cloud

Electronic Product Design • PCB Design • Embedded Systems • IoT Design • Prototyping • Open Source Hardware • Open Source Firmware Customisation • PCB Fabrication • PCB Assembly • PCB Box Building • Electronic Manufacturing services • EMS Company