Home Automation Touch Panel



The Touch control panel can be used to control the home appliances through smart home automation.

The sensitivity and power mode can be configured. The device used to suppress noise from the signal to achieve touch detection.

The main development controller Board for home automation has been done and you can check by this link.

The device is used to controls the home appliances like Lights, Fan through main controller Board.


  • The main controller Board controls the 4 Lights, 1Fan/Dimmer by receiving signals from touch control panel.
  • It provides a facility to Increase/Decrease the speed of the FAN/Dimming level of light.
  • Smart home automation can be done by using IR remote with main controller Board.

Home Automation Touch Panel Top And Bottom Layout

Pin Mapping:

In touch control panel only output pins are used to control the loads and which can be done by main controller Board with Simple I/O interface with existing system.


In touch control panel there is no software, it’s fully hardware circuit so the main controller Board can control the specific loads depends upon the input signal.


  • MTCH108 IC
  • Four Lights and FAN/dimmer
  • Two Box Connectors for LED input, Touch output and IR
  • IR sensor to accept data from IR remote

 How Touch Control Panel Works:

In touch control panel, there is four touch points are available for controlling respective LIGHTs and when it gets touched or sense transmit a signal to main controller Board to turn on the respective loads.

Similarly it works for FAN/Dimming for LEDs and there is two more touch points are available for increase/decrease the speed of FAN.


  1. Smart home automation: In Smart home automation, the main controller Board can be used to control the home appliances by receiving signals from Touch control panel and IR sensor.
  2. Control appliances: Touch panel can be used with main controller Board to control the Industrial equipment and machineries.