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BGA PCB Assembly

Technology and miniaturization are going hand in hand. If you are planning to make your electronic device svelte and sophisticated, Ball Grid Array (BGA) assembly for your PCB can be your foolproof route to success.

What Is BGA?

BGA is a worthy successor to PGA (Pin Grid Alliance). This innovative leap is thoroughly directed towards enhancing the performance of PCBs to help them support futuristic designs and more sophisticated functionalities faultlessly. Given the proven advantages of BGA in PCBs, you can take it for granted that they are here to stay and evolve.

By simple definition, BGA or Ball Grid Array is a surface-mount packaging where a grid of solder balls is arranged systematically to conduct electrical signals from an Integrated Circuit Board. BGA is well known for mounting devices like WiFi Chips, microprocessors, FPGAs, etc., on the PCB for dramatically improved performance.

Different Types Of BGA

Rioshtech is one of the best BGA Assembly service providers in India that offers an array of impeccable BGA designs that can suit your individual PCB requirements to the last word. Some of the BGA types that have been applauded by existing clients include…

  • High Thermal Metal Top BGAs with Low Profile (HLPBGAs)
  • High Thermal BGAs (H-PBGAs)
  • Flex Tape BGAs (T-BGAs)
  • Plastic Over Molded BGAs (PBGAs)
  • PoP (Package on Package BGA)
  • Micro BGA

Why BGA Assembly Is Perfect For Your PCB

The holistic advantages of BGA assembly are well-substantiated in the world of modern hi-tech PCB assembly. Here are a few of these benefits that have propelled Rioshtech to take BGA assembly services to the next level…


  • Maximum utilization of PCB surface space, given that it can handle more connections in comparison with flat packages / Dual In-Line (DIL) packages; and both top and bottom surfaces of the PCB can be effectively put to use.
  • Attributed to low inductance power planes, BGAs can accommodate designs with high frequency. 
  • BGA supports uncompromised thermal performance because it houses one of the best solutions for heat dissipation. 
  • In comparison with PGA (Pin Grid Array), which always bears chances for the pins to bend and break, BGA boasts a very sturdy build that does not surrender easily to damage.
  • BGA boasts a very high pin density, which powers up the package without adding bulk to it. This is one of the many reasons why BGA is the best functional support system for miniaturized yet high-performance devices.

BGA PCB Manufacturing

  • We first heat the overall assembly.
  • We use solder balls which have a very controlled amount of solder. So that we can use soldering for heating them.
  • Hence the solder tends to melt.
  • The solder cools down and tends to solidify.
  • However, the surface tension causes the molten solder to assume appropriate alignment with respect to the circuit board.
  • Although it is important to carefully choose the composition of the solder alloy and the corresponding soldering temperature.
  • This is because we have to ensure that the solder doesn’t melt completely. Hence, it stays semi-liquid.
  • Therefore, each ball remains separate from the adjacent ones.
Types of BGA PCBs

1. PBGA (Plastic Ball Grid Array)
So, these use plastic as a packaging material and glass as a laminate.
2. TBGA (Tape Ball Grid Array)
So, these use two types of interconnections. These interconnections are based on lead and inverted solder bonding.
3. CBGA (Ceramic Ball Grid Array)
So, these use a multi-layer ceramic as the substrate material.

Inspection of BGA PCB

We mostly use X-ray inspection for analyzing the features of BGA PCBs. This technique is known as XRD in the industry and relies on X-rays for unveiling the hidden features of this PCB. This kind of inspection reveals,
1. Solder Joint Position
2. Solder Joint Radius
3. Change in Circular shape
4. Solder Joint Thickness

BGA PCBs from RioSH Technologies

  • 1-12 layer
  • FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, Hight TG
  • HALS/HALS lead-free
  • 0.2mm-7mm Board Thickness
  • 500mm×500mm Max finished boar

We have a good manufacturing setup and a team of highly qualified experts. We specialize in BGA PCB assembly and we can manufacture customized boards as per your needs. Feel free to reach out to us for placing your order today.

Electronic Product Design • Embedded Systems Design• IoT Hardware Design • Prototyping • Open Source Hardware design• Open Source Firmware Development • PCB Fabrication • PCB Assembly • PCB Box Building • Plastic Enclosure Design • Sheet Metal Enclosure design • Electronic Manufacturing services company• EMS Company

Why Rioshtech

BGAs are best when they are perfectly designed, and their assemblies are impeccably executed. This is exactly what Rioshtech does for you. Here’s a quick glimpse into why Rioshtech is perfect for your BGA Assembly project

  • Technical Excellence – RioSH takes pride in maintaining world-class technical accuracy in BGA assemblies. From immaculate solder paste printing and positioning accuracy to generating a perfect soldering temperature curve to eradicate defect possibilities… Rioshtech has evolved tools and skill resources to manufacture perfection on your behalf.
  • Unbeatable AXI Solder Joint Inspection System – Inspecting BGA Solder Joints is a critical step in BGA assembly, and it cannot be achieved with optical inspection alone. However, Rioshtech is equipped with best-in-class Automated X-Ray inspection technology that allows meticulous scrutiny of the system to detect any error that may have occurred in the assembly process. 
  • BGA Assembly for the Largest Array of IndustriesBGA assemblies from Rioshtech are applicable to one of the widest arrays of essential industries like…
  1. Automotive and aviation 
  2. Defense
  3. Home electronics and wearables
  4. Health care and medical instruments
  5. Telecommunication 
  • Quick Turnaround Time – Rioshtech is widely appreciated for being very quick and efficient in understanding client requirements, addressing queries, offering quotations, and of course, project completion. Depending upon individual requirements, Rioshtech assigns project managers to clients. These professionals act as single points of contact that can be reached easily to gain information on any and every aspect of the project, right from the beginning to completion.
  • Tangible Cost Cutting – Streamlined manufacturing practices, usage of high-performance tools and equipment systems, the dedicated endeavor of skillful professionals, nearly negligible error possibilities, and judicious component sourcing allows Rioshtech to offer an outstanding cost advantage to all clients not only in BGA Assembly but across all services.