IoT Hardware & IoT Sensor Design at RIOSH

RIOSH is determined to put up the pace with the development and advanced technology. RIOSH understands the need for modern demands and comfort and thus RIOSH connects itself with the IoT and have successfully developed various IoT products and is seeking to integrate myriad o technologies under its IoT development services. Fewer technologies RIOSH has incorporated in its projects are

  • Ethernet/LAN
  • Wifi or Wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee
  • GSM,3G,4G,LTE,Cat-M1
  • Lora, SigFox, etc.,

At RIOSH we build, you customize your IoT hardware product

At RIOSH, you get access to many ready and utmost to completion solutions in the IoT domain. We aim to build the product base pertaining which gives to full-fledged access to the IoT technology. RIOSH has designed many products belonging to Medical, Scientific, Consumer, and Industrial area. 

We understand the efforts and costs it takes to design the IoT product right in the first go. Our team of professionals not only designs the hardware and firmware but also endeavor to help the clients and customers out in application and cloud interfaces. We understand both the crests and troughs of IoT product designing and development, thus we hold the great expertise in miniaturization of this domain. 

At RIOSH, we support the customization and strive to meet the client’s requirements with a higher mark and complete satisfaction.

We have many ready-to-deploy projects on technologies such as GSM/3G.4G, Wii, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. We have an association with the partners who provide us with the IoT cloud software and application platforms, where the design can be customized depending on the client’s requirements. Few of our successful IoT product launches are

  • Energy Monitoring  – AC or DC, Voltage, energy, current,  power, etc.
  • Home automation – Control, Security, Monitor, Locks, Geyser , Curtains, HVAC, , Water level, etc.
  • Temperature, humidity & environmental monitoring
  • Asset location tracking – GPS trackers with Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, Cat-M1, etc.
  • Support Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, IoT Hub and similar platforms.
  • Industrial IoT use cases – Where sensor data is uploaded to the cloud or remote server based on Wifi/Ethernet/GSM/3G/4G/LTE/LoRA/Bluetooth or other technologies. Sensors including (but are not limited to) temperature, humidity, weight, pressure, flow meter, voltage/current/energy monitor, RPM sensors, light sensor, liquid level sensor, gas sensor, position sensor, object sensor, proximity sensor and so on.