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Sushi can be voice to plants

Are you tired of constantly checking the soil moisture and temperature of your plants? Do you want to ensure that your plants are getting the optimal amount of light and temperature for growth? Look no further, because Sushi has got you covered.

Sushi is a small, lightweight device that can be easily placed in your garden or greenhouse. It is equipped with sensors that measure soil moisture, ambient temperature, and light levels. With Sushi, you can easily monitor the health of your plants and make sure they are getting the proper care they need.

So why wait? Get Sushi today and take the guesswork out of plant and environment care. Your plants (and you!) will thank you.


Sushi - Features

1. Soil Moisture Monitoring: With the Sushi device, you’ll never have to worry about your plants being thirsty again. The device can monitor the soil moisture and send notifications to your phone when it’s time to water your plants.

2. Soil Temperature Monitoring: Some plants have specific temperature requirements for optimal growth. With the Sushi device, you can monitor the soil temperature and receive alerts if it goes above or below the optimal range.

3. Environment Temperature Monitoring: In addition to soil temperature, Sushi can also monitor the ambient temperature of your environment. If it gets too hot, the device will send a notification to your phone so you can take action to protect your plants.

4. Light Monitoring: Proper lighting is essential for plant growth. With Sushi, you can monitor the light levels in your environment and receive notifications if it gets too sunny or too dark. This way, you can move your plants to the optimal location for their needs.

5. Low Power Consumption: The Sushi device utilizes low-power Bluetooth technology, allowing it to run on a single coin cell battery for over a year. And when the battery does eventually run out, it can easily be replaced for continued use.

6. Optional Gateway: For even more convenience, you can add the optional Sushi Gateway to your setup. With the Gateway, you can monitor your plants from anywhere in the world. It connects to the Sushi device and sends data to the cloud via Wi-Fi, giving you real-time updates on your plants’ conditions. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Gateway allows you to keep a close eye on your plants and make sure they’re getting the care they need.

With all these features, the Sushi device is an amazing product to ensure that your plants are comfy and well-fed. Get yours today and give your plants the care they deserv

3D Models of Sushi Device and Gateway

Sushi Device and Gateway