Wearable Devices Design and Development

Hardware Design

  • RioSH helps consumer electronics companies balance a wearable gadget’s computing power, desired functionality, and usability. Our services include:
  • Proof of concept development and testing
  • Circuit design, CAD entry and BOM Generation and Optimisation
  • PCB Layout design, Pre and Post Signal Intigrity and Thermal analysis.
  • PCB printing, Components procurement, and components Assembly
  • Hardware functionality verification and system level validation

Firmware Design

  • RioSH embedded engineers create software that allows wearable to collect data, transfer it to the cloud, and interact with other devices
  • Firmware design requirement gathering and flow chart design
  • Define communication protocols – Bluetooth, GPRS and WIFI
  • Stable data connectivity and issues rectifications
  • Stable firmware development on development kits
  • Check functionality with android, and ios application
  • Complete requirement demonstration and delivery the POC

Back end Service & Maintenance

  • store, process, and relay sensor data to endpoint devices and user apps, wearable gadgets need a reliable back end.
  • End-to-end field support, maintenance and OTA up-gradations
  • Data collection, analysis, performance tuning and AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Bug fixing and support in making the production software more stable
  • Further updates on hardware and Firmware
  • Time to Time server maintenance