Sushi - Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil moisture sensor

RioSH has developed a device called Sushi that helps people remember to water their plants by sending notifications to their mobile devices when the soil moisture level gets too low. This can be a useful tool for people who are busy with work or travel and may not always have the time to regularly check on their plants. It can help prevent plants from becoming excessively dry and potentially dying and can help ensure that they receive the water they need to thrive. 

This can be especially helpful for people who are new to gardening or who may not have a lot of experience caring for plants. It can also be a useful tool for people who are interested in personal gardening but may not have a lot of time to devote to it. Overall, it seems like Sushi is a useful device that can help people better care for their plants and keep them healthy.

Sushi employs Nordic Semiconductor’s nrf52810 SoC with Arm® Cortex™-M4 CPU running at 64 MHz The Sensor data is relayed to the “Sushi” app on the user’s smartphone using the SoC’s Bluetooth® LE wireless connectivity. From that app, users can see the Environment temperature, Soil moisture, Soil temperature & Light intensity. These features can give a great impact on gardening. It’ll monitor soil moisture levels and send notifications to a mobile device when the moisture level falls below a certain threshold. The notifications will continue to be sent at regular intervals (every 30 minutes, in this case) until the plants are watered.

The sushi app has an extraordinary feature like users can name their plants and assign avatars to them, which can convey the plants’ emotions based on soil and environmental conditions. This can be a fun and engaging feature that can help people feel more connected to their plants and encourage them to take better care of them. By giving plants names and assigning avatars to them, people can feel more invested in their well-being and may be more motivated to provide them with the care they need. Overall, it seems like this app could be a useful and enjoyable tool for people who are interested in gardening and want to better understand and care for their plants.

Riosh has designed a gateway that can take data from Sushi devices and send it to the cloud over a Wi-Fi connection. This can be a useful feature for people who want to be able to stay connected to their plants even when they are not physically present.


              On-chip adaptive power management system used in the device to achieve exceptionally low energy consumption. This can be a useful feature for devices that need to be able to operate for long periods of time without requiring frequent battery replacements or recharging. By minimizing energy consumption, devices can save power and extend their battery life, which can be especially important for devices that are used frequently or that are critical to the functioning of other systems. The use of a sophisticated power management system can also help devices operate more efficiently and effectively, as it can allow them to adjust their power usage based on the specific needs of the task they are performing. Overall, it seems like the use of an adaptive power management system can be a key factor in helping devices achieve low energy consumption and long battery life.




Water Proof

Bluetooth 5.2

iBeacon & Eddystone



Firmware Customisation

Multiple Pocket Broadcasting

Replaceable Battery