RF to Optical and Optical to RF

RF signal over Fiber signal modules convert RF signals to optical signals and back. One unit has an optical transmitter which converts the signal from RF to Optical signal, and a second receiver unit converts the signal from Optical signal to RF. Both units are connected by the optical fiber.

Client was looking for End to End circuit design, which can convert RF to optical Fiber at transmitter side and Optical Fiber to RF at receiver side. RioSH team analysed the client Electronic product design requirement. Design scope includes Electronics part selection as per the requirement, schematics entry and PCB Layout design. Tested the circuit on bench setup and PoC converted into Design for Manufacturing (DFM). RioSH delivered the prototype in a short time and supported the customer final design and production which includes setting up testing process.

Scope includes Circuit design requirement analysis, electronic component selection, Circuit design, Bench setup testing, POC validation, Electronics Architecture, CAD entry (schematics entry), PCB Layout design, Electronic component procurement, Low value PCB Fabrication for prototype, Bare Board testing (BBT),  Electronics components Assembly, Assembled Board Testing (ABT). Functional validation, System level verification, Demonstration and client acceptance.

Hardware Features:

  • Wavelength range : 1100 to 1600 nm
  • Input power range : +7 dBm to –30 dBm
  • Optical Return Loss : >40 dB
  • Optical connector : FC-PC
  • Fiber Core/Cladding : 9 /125 μm
  • Bandwidth:5 to 2500 MHz
  • Max. output signal :120 dBμV
  • RF connector :BNC 50 Ω
  • 20 dB attenuator :Selectable
  • Max Voltage/Current:12V / 500mA