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Automatic X-ray inspection (AXI)

X-Rays can reach where cameras and human vision cannot, and this is exactly the reason why Rioshtech has equipped itself with the finest Automatic X-Ray inspection (AXI) system for your electronic devices and PCBs. 

Process optimization and detecting anomalies in your electronic device and PCB models have never been easier than with AXI.

Why Automatic X-Ray Inspection

In the world of PCB and Electronic product designing and manufacturing, failures can be very expensive. Automatic X-Ray Inspection (AXI) is a bulletproof solution to avoid pitfalls and prevent mishaps that can take a toll on your investment and project completion time as well. 

In the view of clients that have already used AXI services at Rioshtech, the primary advantages of this system include…

  • Faultless detection of errors in otherwise difficult platforms like the Ball Grid System and integrated circuits
  • Very easy to integrate online and offline and equally easy to use
  • X-Ray Inspection can reach the tiniest corner of your device / PCB, where all other detection systems fail
  • Hidden features of target objects can be inspected with maximum precision 
  • See-through solder joints to detect voiding caused by bubbles and associated issues
  • Inspect quality of solder connections by inspecting Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) with hidden connections
  • It is the perfect remedy to possible human errors that is common in manual inspections
  • Automatic X-Ray Inspection system provides real-time feedback that helps in optimizing the production process significantly to generate very high-quality PCBs 

AXI is internationally recognized for taking the process of PCB design correction and manufacturing perfection to the next level. 

Automatic X-Ray Inspection System Types Used At Rioshtech:

  • 2D System – In this system, the AXI machine takes 2D images of the PCB from both sides and creates an overall image of the design plan. This is one of the best-recognized non-destructive techniques for inspecting electronic / PCB components. 2D AXI is best applicable on thin PCBs
  • 3D System – Used mostly on thicker PCBS, the 3D AXI system takes 3D images of the PCB. 3D AXI gives a clearer picture of the PCB that needs to be inspected and offers faultless results. 
  • Operation Types –

    There are two basic operation types for 2D, and 3D Automatic X-Ray Inspection systems, in general…Online and Offline. At Rioshtech, both 2D and 3D systems are compatible with online and offline operation types, each delivering optimum results for accurate inspection of PCBs.

Why Rioshtech

  • Rioshtech has maintained a dedicated approach towards 100% quality PCB inspection services through AXI systems. Rioshtech has been widely appreciated by clients globally for offering…

    • State of the Art AXI systems – Machines and tools at Rioshtech are of the finest quality and technologically superior. We constantly update our systems to match international standards. AXI systems at Rioshtech come with excellent resolution and magnification capacities that help in generating 100% accurate inspection results


    • Unmatched industry experience – The industry experience of Rioshtech, as compared with other domestic providers of AXI services today, is unmatched. From health / medical devices and home electronics to industrial automation, wearable devices, defense equipment, aeronautics, and more… We have solutions for just about any PCB projects that you have in mind.  
    • Supporting 100s of domestic clients – The client base of Rioshtech has been increasing at a very steady pace over the past years across all industries. With the wheels of automation catching lightning pace, Rioshtech has been able to deliver spectacular results to clients seeking innovation and performance in their PCBs at approachable costs.


    • AXI and other systems are matching global standards – All inspection systems at Rioshtech match international standards. The processes, tools, equipment, and skills are updated regularly for performance beyond par.
    • Full ownership of manufacturing files – AT Rioshtech, you are entitled to full ownership of your manufacturing files, an endeavor that helps you maintain complete control of your project. This is one of those advantages that may not be available with other PCB designing/manufacturing services in India. 


    Rioshtech also enforces a Non-Disclosure Agreement with all clients to ensure 100% safety of their PCB designs and manufacturing details. With NDA, you can rest assured that your data will not be shared with any 3rd party entities. 

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