Embedded System Design

RioSH Technologies, along with its professionally trained personnel and state-of –the-art infrastructure designing techniques, is your one stop solution source for embedded product engineering and development. Our services comply wherever you may find a microcontroller unit (MCU) incorporated into an efficiently functioning electronic design.


Our in-house teams of electronic engineers develop products based on embedded solutions such as STMicroelectronics STM32 and Microchip PIC32.


We have a wealth of experience designing wirelessly connected devices and Internet Of Things (IOT) products based on wireless protocols such as: RFID, Bluetooth (BT), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), WiFi, LoRa etc.

IoT and Embedded System Design

TronicsZone lies amongst the leading embedded systems unit in the market. Our strong expertise in electronics, hardware and firmware make us an esteemed part of the embedded ecosystems all over India and beyond. For systems running on limited power and others, we ensure minimal usage of resources with lowest production costs possible for the software embedded in physical devices.

FPGA Based Design

A field-programmable gate array (FPGA) happens to be an integrated circuit, which as the name suggests, is reliant on being configured by the designer as per the client preferences and needs. This is usually done using Hardware Description Language. These Arrays comprise of programmable logic blocks in an order that can modified. Hence these blocks can be wired into different configurations, from complex functions to simple AND, OR functions; their hierarchy can be re-configured as well.
TronicsZone works with all the major vendors in the nation in providing prime FPGA based systems, as a fragment of our embedded design services.

BSP Development

The crucial software layer, Broad support package (BSP) comprises of all the hardware-specific drivers and routines that enable an operating system to perform in a given hardware environment. This is integrated with real time operating system, RTOS, and third party partners intending on supporting a RTOS must create a BPS layer first, as the platform on which the RTOS may run. At TronicsZone, we offer support by developing efficient BSPs; our services help system engineers build a more stable system for other relevant engineers to then work with, and ramp up their deployments.

OTA Firmware update

Over The Air, OTA, firmware update refers to wireless update of software or data. The idea had been limited to mobile phone device whereby original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) used OTA firmware to configure the cell phones to their network and establish updates. However, with the emerging trend of IoT amongst the industries worldwide, manufacturers now use OTA firmware update to deploy upgrades and configure operating systems on all IoT devices. TronicsZone is amongst these manufacturers.

IoT network security

With the pace that IoT based infrastructure are currently expanding, this massive scope technology is projected to grow and take over the ecosystem, as data from IoT sensors a cloud computing converge.
Being wirelessly connected via all our devices imposes the biggest cyber threat ever; hence the major concern of network security regarding IoT implementation. TronicsZone’s debugging phase comprises of all the precautionary checks which thoroughly go through each network, application, device, thread and operation residing within the ecosystem to guarantee security of your data.

IoT sensors and actuators

IoT sensors are the indispensable enablers of the reality of Internet of Things. These sensors are what act as the primary input to the IoT based infrastructures as they continually detect and monitor, generating data in the form of electric signals to the respective cloud server where they may be analyzed and processed. The use of the right IoT sensors in accurate workflows is critical to the entire concept of the wireless ecosystem. At our platforms, you will find highly methodical set ups manufactured keenly to support efficiency with accuracy, which ensure tangible connections to your devices and thus give you the ultimate control.

Product Prototyping

A prototype empowers clearer vision for both the client and the developers; developers understand the complexity of the system better and hence can work on ways to make it more efficient; customers gain confidence in their investment by having a visual look at the progress and are able to infer initial costs. Ideas documented or discussed verbally hold much less value than having hands-on experience on a working prototype. This can save up modification time and costs drastically as well as create better communication between the investors and the developers.
Electronic prototyping helps build up detailed cost distribution that the manufacturing phase will incur. Costs are thus factored in advance and help in predicting the feasibility of the production of the product. Additionally, it offers an upfront feedback which facilitates early target achievement.
At TronicsZone we offer rapid prototyping by enveloping your software into prototype hardware in order to meet your esteemed expectations.

Boot Loaders

Boot Loaders are an integral part of a Board Support Package (BSP), which starts up and runs the initial silicon chips of an embedded Microcontroller Unit or System on a Chip. These boot loaders are highly processor specific and board specific. They are programmed to communicate with the host and/or read files sent in by the host, using whatever communication protocols that may be needed. For example: I2C, SPI, Ethernet and/or UART. Additionally they are meant to follow through with the memory map of the respective Microcontroller.

Embedded Hardware Services

RioSH ensures that the top grade and future ready processors, microcontrollers and other hardware components are selected to manufacture your products.
We handpick every component that goes into manufacturing your products. Our team of hardware experts selects the most suitable components, right from the processor platforms to the microcontrollers.

We help clients with production designs, power optimisation, certification support as well as manufacturing support with our partner ecosystem and deliver top notch embedded hardware solutions to meet your requirements which can be scalable in near future.
  • Feasibility Analysis and Component Selection

  • BoM Optimisation and Estimation

  • Multi-layer PCB Design

  • Power and Performance Optimisation

  • Enclosure and Casing Design

  • Aesthetics and Usability

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